I have had a hankering for a quite some time to do a room makeover.  Like, a bad hankering.  Imagine wanting nothing but greasy buffalo wings and potato wedges after a month on a strict diet type hankering.  It doesn’t help that I’ve been watching many of my friends knocking out makeovers on Instagram.  I decided to begin with my guest bedroom.  It’s been about eight years since it was last touched with a decoration stick and I just wasn’t loving it anymore.  It had also turned into a “dump all my crap I don’t currently know what to do with here because no one ever uses this room” room.  It took me about four car loads to haul stuff out of there and I drive an SUV.  I figure surely if I put all this time into sprucing it up, it won’t turn into a dumping ground again.  Right??

Let’s check out some before pictures.

It’s not awful but it’s kind of bland.  This was done before Pinterest was the juggernaut it is now and definitely well before I had any decorating or DIY skills other than going to Hobby Lobby.  Pretty much the only things staying in this room are the bed and the dresser.  (That rolling basket goes in another room.  I just used it as a prop because I already donated the basket that was in that space and it looked weird without it.)  The bed and dresser are from Ikea because this was before I could build anything and I was cheap.  While I would like to replace them, I just can’t justify the expense with myself when they work perfectly fine and the room doesn’t see a lot of use.  You can’t even see the bed with bedding on it and I have a couple ideas up my sleeve to spruce up the dresser.

My design preference leans heavily toward the industrial style.  Brick, metal, and rich wood tones get me right in the feels.  I have to be careful about how I incorporate that style, however, because I live in a builder basic house built this century and not in a former factory building turned loft.  If you look up Modern Industrial, you’ll find more of what I’m thinking for this space.  It’s a little softer than flat out Industrial.  If you’re a fan of the Farmhouse motif, it can blend in really well with Modern Industrial design.  When it comes to design, I am by no means an expert.  I just pick what I like and find a way to make it all fit together and fit with the design of the house.

When I started thinking about what I wanted in this room, I had a hard time coming up with something that felt right.  I did a lot of searching on Pinterest and Instagram for ideas.  I knew I wanted to add a feature wall so I started looking there first.  I turned to my favorite feature wall creator, Candi with Urban Wall Design, for ideas.  She is simply amazing and comes up with some incredibly unique spaces.  I will be recreating, or attempting to recreate, a wall she did in her own home.

Gorgeous, right?  I thought so.

Once I got the wall situation figured out, I was still a little on the fence about how I wanted the room to look until I came across this picture. (Originally from Jellina Detmar)

This picture gave me my color palette and everything started coming together.

I don’t want to give everything away just yet since I’m still in the designing phase (which means something may change) but I’ve already bought some of my goodies for the room and will start the work on the walls very soon.  The biggest thing I’m still trying to figure out is what to put on the walls and if I want a rug in there under the bed (it’s a carpeted room and that won’t change).  Here’s a few sneak peeks at some items (or something similar) that will appear in the room.  There won’t be a lot of building for this makeover but several items will be DIY so there will be tutorials to come.

I hope you’re just as excited as I am and will be following along.  Progress updates will be posted on my Instagram and Facebook pages so be sure you are following me there.  Since you can’t have a room makeover plan these days with out a pretty collage graphic to go with it these days, here’s mine:

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