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Shop Tip Tuesday – Sandpaper Eraser

It’s time for another round of Shop Tip Tuesday!  I learned this tip from my friend Scott of Cutthroat Woodworks in Montana.  I only wish I had learned it before I replaced the parts (insert face palm emoji). For those that have a spindle or belt sander, sometimes you find that the sandpaper can get gummed up before the sandpaper loses its sanding life.  Before I knew better, I thought you just had to replace it.  There is this thing that exists that changes ALL of that!  A sandpaper eraser!  I know it sounds like I’m making that up but trust…it’s real. I found mine on Amazon here (affiliate).  If you can’t find one by searching for a sandpaper eraser, you can try using abrasive cleaning stick as your search term.  Now that you have your magic cleaning eraser, let’s get to work! Here’s the before of my worst looking [...]

DIY Lumber Cart for Small Spaces

Who’s ready for another installment of the Shop Upgrade Series??  I don’t know about you, but I know my shop is.  Possibly the biggest hurdle in shop organization is lumber and scrap storage.  It’s slowly taking over my shop and every time I try to clean it out, I want to keep it all.  You know, “just in case”.  Story of my life, but I digress.  I’ve long wanted a lumber cart but all of the plans I saw for one were just too big for my space.  Despite working out of a two car garage, space is at a premium as everything has to be tucked away at night to allow for a car to be parked inside.  Lumber racks are awesome but I have no available wall space for one.  After coming to my wits end with the scrap wood… (pause for hideous picture) …I knew I finally [...]

A Look Back – March 2018

Anyone else remember when we were kids and time seemed to take forever to pass?  These days, the only ways I’ve found to slow down time is to wait for an upcoming vacation or the end of the work day.  March has flown by and I once again feel like I didn’t get anything accomplished so let’s look back to see what I actually did get done. In order to remember what I’ve done, I have to look through the pictures on my phone.  I’m fairly certain there isn’t a day that goes by in which I don’t take at least one picture (screenshots count as pictures in this instance).  As I look through my phone for March, I see a LOT of food pictures.  I did a whole lot of cooking to prepare for the launch of Just Bring Ice.  I documented everything from food prep, pastas, and other [...]

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Fast and Easy DIY Board and Batten

I’m going to start off by saying something possibly a little shocking – controversial, even – I hate open concept houses.  Sure, they look all great and wonderful on HGTV but have you ever lived in one? Tried to decorate one?  Couldn’t hide the dirty kitchen from whoever walked in the front door?  I’m all for an open flow but I want defined rooms.  I want space to hang things on the wall!  These were things I did not think about before I moved into my home.  My entryway, living room, dining room, and kitchen are all one big open space.  That means my design has to be cohesive for this giant space.  It’s been a bit of a struggle over the years but I think I’m finally getting there. Anyway, let’s get to the reason why we’re here today.  My dislike for open concept is a post on its [...]

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Shop Upgrade Series – DIY Scrap Wood Push Block

It’s time for another installment of the Shop Upgrade Series!  I promise this one is quick and easy.  Like, I surprised myself how fast it went.  I was watching stories on Instagram one day and saw Tim at Woodward Builds (I promise I’m not going to copy him for every upgrade! Ha!) had posted a series about making a push block for his table saw.  I just knew I had to make my own!  What I loved about this push block compared to what I already have is that it had a long base to hold down your board as it’s going through the saw.  I had just ripped down some pieces for a flag that were really thin and they kept popping up on me because my push stick didn’t have much lip to hold it down. See what I mean? Not much at all there.  I know I [...]

A Look Back – February 2018

I tell you all what…February was SHORT!  I get that it’s the shortest month of the year but it seems like it just flew by.  Thanks to a couple work events, a bit of illness, and a mini vacation, I had quite a bit of time away from 7MD stuff.  Those things I told you last month I hoped to get to…it didn’t happen.  Fingers crossed for next month. Ha! I started out the month battling some allergies that took me out.  Thankfully it wasn’t the flu but I sure could have done without.  However, the best thing happened.  My friend Tiff from Staying Inside the Gray had some Chick-Fil-A chicken soup delivered to me.  ALL THE WAY FROM CALIFORNIA!  Okay, the soup was made here but she was in California when it was ordered. Tiff is just the best! And the soup was so good! I took a mini [...]