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Would I Do A No Spend Month Again?

Ding, dong, the witch is dead! Oops, I mean No Spend Month is over! O. V. E. R.  Let’s not waste any time and dive right into my final spent tally as well as my thoughts on the whole thing. So, I did break my budget on Black Friday Weekend (because it’s not just a day anymore) spending.  And by a couple hundred dollars.  A majority of the things I bought were for 7MD.  It was a few tools and some hardwood lumber that I had been planning on buying but the sales came up and I couldn’t pass on it just because I was participating in the no spend month.  I mean, the whole purpose of the month was to save money and I did save some by buying during the sale.  It really sounds like I’m trying to justify myself.  Hahaha.  Maybe I am.  As I was told [...]

5 Inexpensive Scrap Wood Projects

Well, week three is behind me and the toughest week is ahead of me.  Had I not done this when there are so many sales and whatnot, it probably wouldn’t be that hard at all.  We’ll just have to see what I can’t live without come Friday. Let’s recap week three, shall we? I finally did it.  I broke into my “fun money” stash.  I thought to myself, “Self, it’s my birthday and I deserve something nice.”  I bought a $12 car wash and cleaned all the grime off my car that had been there for far too long then vacuumed the dog hair and sawdust out of it.  What a way to spend a birthday!  Ha!  I also bought a piece of equipment for the job job but I’m on the fence about including that in the fun money category.  It was something I needed but I didn’t allow [...]

5 (Mostly) Effortless Ways to Save Money

It’s time for the second week check in of my No Spend Month Challenge!  I know all y’all really want to know is if I’ve busted my budget yet.  We’ll get to that.  In addition to an update on my progress, I’ll be sharing some tips to save money that don’t require a whole lot of work on your part. Never in my vision for this blog did I ever think I would be sharing money tips with you.  This is supposed to be about woodworking and home improvements and such.  Things evolve so just roll with me a bit.  Hopefully next week I’ll be able to share some of my scrap wood project ideas with you that don’t cost any money (or very little) and it will bring this all full circle back to woodworking.  Or something like that. Anywho, in order to keep you reading to the end [...]

No Spend Month Challenge

Well, if you recall from my last post (or my social media posts), during the month of November I’ll be taking on a no spend month challenge.  It doesn’t mean no spending at all.  I don’t know about y’all but I don’t want any late notice letters and fees coming my way.  I also have to eat and go places.  Because of this, there are certain rules I have established for myself to play by.  Everyone’s rules will be different.  If you decide to take on the challenge for yourself, I encourage you to look up other blog posts about no spend months to get some ideas from the rules others set because you may forget about something.  I did. Obviously, one of the main purposes of this challenge is to save money.  For me, it’s also about a reset on spending after some less than frugal habits have popped [...]

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A Look Back – September and October 2018

My word, y’all! Can you believe we seriously only have two months left in this year??  It still seems like June to me.  Or maybe I’m just wishing for a few extra months’ worth of time to get all of my to dos done.  I dunno.  Anyway, it’s time for my monthly recap of what’s been going on in the world of 7MD.  This will actually cover two months since I didn’t get around to doing one in September.  I had a reason why but I forget that now.  Be sure to read until the end because I’ll be sharing what I’ll be doing next month which is a little intimidating for me and with a big potential for failure. (Oooh! The drama!) Let’s start with what I shared with you on the blog just in case you missed anything. The first is my favorite – the wood lath wall. [...]

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Mini Side Table from Three Boards

Have you seen those side tables that slide under the front or side of a couch so you can set drinks and stuff on them without taking up all the space of a full end table?  I really like them.  Maybe it’s just laziness but it’s pretty handy to not have to constantly lean over to the coffee table to get something.  Or you can just pull the coffee table up to the couch like I do.  I call it couch fort.  It keeps my items close at hand and also blocks the dogs from getting to me.  Anyway, a need arose for a side table like this but the couch was a recliner couch which meant there was no way to slide anything under it.  Bummer.  There wasn’t near enough room for a regular size end table so I had to get creative.  I introduce to you the world’s [...]