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DIY Wood Lath Wall

So, I have this very angle-y hallway.  It’s actually one of the things that sold me on this house.  I like things that are different and unique. Even though I like it, it’s proven to be a bit difficult to decorate.  I have one wall that has stumped me the whole time I have lived here.  I’ve tried painting everything the same color, I added pictures, I painted it a different color from the rest of the hall, I added wall art.  Nothing ever felt just right.  The builders also installed a door bell box on that wall which added a big ugly mark on anything I tried.  I finally got so tired of looking at the sad space that I started planning out something new.  I try to avoid anything too “on trend” or that doesn’t fit the style of my home.  That meant no white shiplap.  Not that [...]

A Look Back – August 2018

We’re one month closer to a new year!  It’s hard to believe were inching in on Fall.  Like always, August was full of projects.  There weren’t any fun life events this month to speak of so we’ll jump in to what I accomplished over the month in the world of 7MD. First, let’s start out with this sign (prepare for own horn tooting) that I think is just awesome.  It seriously couldn’t have turned out any better.  From the scroll saw cut letters, to the metal, to the distressing, it’s dang near perfect.  And I don’t say that often about my work.  I shared with you on the blog how the technique I used on this sign to distress it.  Be sure to check it out if you missed it.  It fun because you get to burn things! Next up was a martial arts belt display.  I came across a [...]

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Shop Light Upgrade

It’s been a minute since I’ve shared a Shop Upgrade Series installment with you so let’s remedy that today!  I promise this one is super quick and requires only basic tools. Earlier this year I swapped out my hardwired lights in the garage for some LED strip lights.  Like most standard garage lights, the bulbs were not protected by a fixture.  I cannot tell you how many times I would hit one with a board and break the bulb or have it burn out a few days later.  (I’m going to be honest with you all.  I hate changing light bulbs.  No matter how simple it is, I put it off until I can’t put it off any longer.  I really hated changing garage lights.)  Something else I did not like about the original lights was that they were never very bright, even if I bumped up the wattage of [...]

DIY Rustic Laundry Cart

So, no one actually enjoys doing laundry, right?  I mean the entire process.  I don’t much mind the washing and folding part but it takes a miracle for me to actually put away my clothes within a reasonable amount of time.  By reasonable, I mean within a week. Or two.  I always promise myself I’m going to change my ways and never do.  If you haven’t figured it out by my super subtle hints, I’m sharing with you today something about laundry.  No, I haven’t invented a machine to do it all for you but I did come up with a pretty cute industrial inspired laundry cart. Before I can get to the new one, I have to share with you the reason WHY I needed a new one. I’ve had this beast since at least junior high.  More than likely, I’ve had it since elementary school.  It’s a bit [...]

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No Fail DIY Vintage Distressed Painted Sign

I love the look of a perfectly distressed wood sign.  The chippy paint, the aging, and the dents and dings – I want them all.  I’ve seen so many different tutorials on how to distress a wood sign but none of them really worked for me.  Through some trial and error, I’ve found an easy, no fail way to get the aged wood signs of your dreams.  My two secret weapons are a torch and a jar of antiquing glaze. To start, you’ll need to prep your sign material by cutting it to size and sanding it.  I’m using four 1x4’s cut to 40” for a planked sign. Now is a good time to add any dents, gouges, and dings you may want.  For this sign, I rounded over the front edges of the planks with an edge break plane and hit all of the planks a few times with [...]

A Look Back – May June and July 2018

Holy cow, it’s been three months since I’ve done a monthly recap!  I cannot believe how quickly this year has flown by.  This may be a long post so I won’t waste your time with an extended introduction.  Let’s get to it! MAY If you all remember, May was my 7MD Curb Appeal month.  The hustle was real that month.  I shared numerous projects on my social media pages but I shared how to build and install custom shutters, build a decorative storage bench, and install a new mailbox post on the blog. Despite all of the work going on around here in May, I was able to sneak off for a day and meet up with a new best friend (because you can have more than one best friend, right??) in Arkansas. Lo of Rebel Heart Woodworks is an incredible builder and I’m in complete awe of her abilities.  [...]

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