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DIY Rustic Brick World Map

I’ve been working on updating my master bedroom (check out the progress here, here, and here) and I needed a piece of art to hang above my dresser.  The overall theme of the room is rustic and industrial with elements of travel.  I’ve long wanted to add a world map somewhere in my home and decided that this would be the perfect spot to do so!  I searched for different printed maps but didn’t want one that was too new looking or had lots of color.  The ones I did find that I loved would have blended too much with my walls.  One day I had a light bulb moment and made a plan to make my own map! While looking for ideas on Pinterest, I came across a post by Classy Clutter where they did an entire wall with brick paneling and whitewashing.  I. Loved. It.  And I used it [...]

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DIY Industrial Style Shelves

Do you remember the puny shelves in my bedroom? Yeah…that was a terrible design choice.  The good news, though, is that it looks totally different! I knew I wanted something substantial on this wall to give it enough weight to compete with the panel wall.  Floating shelves are a favorite of mine because they are so chunky but I also wanted to use some brackets to pull in more of the industrial feel to my room.  So, I decided to do both!  The next decision was how I wanted the shelves on the wall.  Did I want them staggered similar to the way I originally had shelves?  Did I want them as corner shelves like my inspiration photo from Shanty 2 Chic? Or did I want to put shelves on just one wall and some sort of baskets or art on the adjoining wall?  I thought it over for a [...]

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Adding Light to an Outdoor Entertaining Space

It’s the season to be spending a lot of time outdoors.  Even though the sun goes down much later, there are times you need a little extra light.  I’m going to show you an easy way to add some lighting ambiance to your outdoor space.  This will by no means add enough light to do work but it will allow you to enjoy more time outside, provided the bugs don’t run you off. My back yard has no light.  None.  The only light is outside my “back” door which is actually on the side of my house and does nothing to illuminate the back.  On the other side of my fence is woods so there is no lighting coming from that direction.   I also don’t have a way to add the type of lighting I want without running new electric wires and, to be honest, I’m not really excited about [...]

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Creating a Weathered Wood Look Sign

I recently created a custom sign with a weathered wood look and I absolutely love it!  And even better…it was super easy to do!  I made it out of scrap wood but the materials are easy to find at any store carrying lumber and they are inexpensive. I started with a ¾ inch thick piece of plywood for my backer piece and cut it down so that the dimensions would be 18” x 10 ½”.  This was to accommodate the “weathered boards” without having to rip any of them down.  For these boards, I used thin furring strips!  (These strips are also referred to as “fill-it” strips.  Lattice wood also works great and I have use it.  It is just a little bit thicker than the pieces I used here.)  I only needed two 8’ strips.  These were perfect for the look I was trying to achieve because they had [...]

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Installing Electrical Outlet Extender Boxes

When I was putting up my wood panel wall for my master bedroom redesign, I found that the electrical outlets would no longer sit flush with the new wall treatment.  This is a super simple fix and takes very little time. I went to Lowe’s and picked up some electrical outlet extenders. There are several different types of extenders to choose from but I went with these because they are simple to install and less than $3 for a package of two.  Basically, you just want an outlet box with an open back.  When you pick up a package of these, they will be hooked together and look like one unit.  They come apart easily if you only need one, so don’t fret.  They also come with extended screws to reach the old outlet box. Please excuse the mess.  There was work in progress when this was taken. Anytime you [...]

Installing a Wood Panel Wall

It’s time to get this master bedroom renovation started!  I discussed here what my room looks like and what direction I want to take it.  I started by painting three walls Balsam Beige.  The room instantly went from dark to light and bright.    It surprisingly only took less than a gallon of paint to cover the dark red.  I was highly impressed! The next step was to get going on the wall treatment.  I used Thrifty Décor Chick’s wood panel wall post as my inspiration. I started my wall treatment off by removing the baseboard.  I did this because what I was placing on the wall would stick out further than the top of the baseboard and look all kinds of wrong.  I was worried that I would break the baseboard as I was removing it since it was so long but it was surprisingly easy.  Start by scoring the [...]