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A Look Back – September and October 2018

My word, y’all! Can you believe we seriously only have two months left in this year??  It still seems like June to me.  Or maybe I’m just wishing for a few extra months’ worth of time to get all of my to dos done.  I dunno.  Anyway, it’s time for my monthly recap of what’s been going on in the world of 7MD.  This will actually cover two months since I didn’t get around to doing one in September.  I had a reason why but I forget that now.  Be sure to read until the end because I’ll be sharing what I’ll be doing next month which is a little intimidating for me and with a big potential for failure. (Oooh! The drama!) Let’s start with what I shared with you on the blog just in case you missed anything. The first is my favorite – the wood lath wall. [...]

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Mini Side Table from Three Boards

Have you seen those side tables that slide under the front or side of a couch so you can set drinks and stuff on them without taking up all the space of a full end table?  I really like them.  Maybe it’s just laziness but it’s pretty handy to not have to constantly lean over to the coffee table to get something.  Or you can just pull the coffee table up to the couch like I do.  I call it couch fort.  It keeps my items close at hand and also blocks the dogs from getting to me.  Anyway, a need arose for a side table like this but the couch was a recliner couch which meant there was no way to slide anything under it.  Bummer.  There wasn’t near enough room for a regular size end table so I had to get creative.  I introduce to you the world’s [...]

Rustic Towel Hook

Isn’t it funny how one project often leads to another?  Okay, I’ll admit, sometimes it’s not so funny once you get down to the work.  But ideas are great!  The last project I shared with you spurred a new one that was never even on the radar. Remember the last project? With the new wall in place, I needed to find another home for the gorgeous mosaic that a friend made. The only free space I had left was in my master bathroom.  I’d been wanting to change up the space for some time so this was a perfect opportunity.  I shared the current state of my bathroom a couple months ago when I shared the peel and stick tile. (The tile is still holding up well, by the way.) What you can’t see next to the towel bar is a big open space until you get to the door.  [...]

DIY Wood Lath Wall

So, I have this very angle-y hallway.  It’s actually one of the things that sold me on this house.  I like things that are different and unique. Even though I like it, it’s proven to be a bit difficult to decorate.  I have one wall that has stumped me the whole time I have lived here.  I’ve tried painting everything the same color, I added pictures, I painted it a different color from the rest of the hall, I added wall art.  Nothing ever felt just right.  The builders also installed a door bell box on that wall which added a big ugly mark on anything I tried.  I finally got so tired of looking at the sad space that I started planning out something new.  I try to avoid anything too “on trend” or that doesn’t fit the style of my home.  That meant no white shiplap.  Not that [...]

A Look Back – August 2018

We’re one month closer to a new year!  It’s hard to believe were inching in on Fall.  Like always, August was full of projects.  There weren’t any fun life events this month to speak of so we’ll jump in to what I accomplished over the month in the world of 7MD. First, let’s start out with this sign (prepare for own horn tooting) that I think is just awesome.  It seriously couldn’t have turned out any better.  From the scroll saw cut letters, to the metal, to the distressing, it’s dang near perfect.  And I don’t say that often about my work.  I shared with you on the blog how the technique I used on this sign to distress it.  Be sure to check it out if you missed it.  It fun because you get to burn things! Next up was a martial arts belt display.  I came across a [...]

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Shop Light Upgrade

It’s been a minute since I’ve shared a Shop Upgrade Series installment with you so let’s remedy that today!  I promise this one is super quick and requires only basic tools. Earlier this year I swapped out my hardwired lights in the garage for some LED strip lights.  Like most standard garage lights, the bulbs were not protected by a fixture.  I cannot tell you how many times I would hit one with a board and break the bulb or have it burn out a few days later.  (I’m going to be honest with you all.  I hate changing light bulbs.  No matter how simple it is, I put it off until I can’t put it off any longer.  I really hated changing garage lights.)  Something else I did not like about the original lights was that they were never very bright, even if I bumped up the wattage of [...]