7MD Gear

  • Stickers are all the rage these days.  Is your car looking a little bare? Put a sticker on it!  Need to dress up your notebook? Slap a sticker right in the middle!  There are so many applications for 7MD stickers that it's impossible for you to go wrong!  Pick up one today to stick on the object nearest you!  (People included)   *Free shipping! *Stickers are 3"
  • Do you really want to display the 7MD logo proudly but you have a problem with commitment?  No worries, my friend.  I have magnets just for people like you!  These would look great slapped on any and every metal surface you own.  Heck, they'd even look good on metal surfaces you don't own!  Get some now!   *Free shipping! *Magnets are 3"
  • Is your drink on the verge of getting too hot to drink?  Or do you hate picking up a cold drink on a cold day and you don't have your mittens to protect you?  Friends, I have just the product for you.  You need a 7MD beverage koozie to protect not only your drink but your hands as well.  It's safety first around here and you can look cool doing it!   *Free shipping!
  • 7MD Hat

    If you wanna sport the 7MD logo everyday but feel that ain't no one got time to be washing those shirts all the time, I've got hats!  You won't find any flat bills around here (sorry, not sorry) but you will find some awesomely soft hats with adjustable velcro closures on the back.  These hats take a lickin' and keep on tickin'.  They are available in a super cool navy blue or you can't see me olive green.  Get yourself and your best friend one!   *Free shipping in the US!
  • Ladies, I have the perfect shop shirt for you!  But don't feel you have to limit it to just the shop.  It also works great for getting your workout on at the gym, running errands around town, or date night with that special someone.  The 7MD tank is a District Made racerback.  You'll love it.  Suns out, guns out, girls!   *Free shipping in the US!
  • There's no greater way to show your support for 7MD than by proudly wearing a shirt everywhere you go.  It's perfect for all occasions.  The shirts are Gildan mens/unisex sizing.  They really make your eyes pop.  If you get two, you always have one to wear while the other is in the wash (because cleanliness and good hygiene make people like us).  Be sure to add some 7MD into your heart by adding a shirt into your cart.   *Free shipping in the US!